Useful Information

General practitioner:
Dr. Florian Müller                04713 / 2216        Weißensee, Techendorf 90

Orthopedist and trauma surgeon
Dr. Katrin Winkler               04713 / 26888      Weißensee, Techendorf 11

Dr. Marthe Manthey          04713 / 20076      Weißensee, Neusach 74,
+43 664 4509844

Dr. Anton Schader       04712 / 82373      Greifenburg, Hauptstr. 287

On the day of your arrival you can move into your apartment from around 12 noon. If you arrive earlier and your apartment is not yet ready, we will be happy to store your luggage for you so that you can enjoy the day on the beach or in the surrounding area.

You can leave the apartment by

9:30 am at the latest

at the latest. If you still want to spend the day at the Weißensee or on the beach, you can store your luggage in the house until your departure and, if necessary, change your clothes.
Depending on availability, you can also book a late check-out until 6 pm at the latest.

In order not to disturb you unnecessarily in your apartment, we ask you to water the balcony flowers regularly. There is a watering can on the balcony for this purpose. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you. Of course, we can also water the flowers for you on request.

You are welcome to borrow a bathrobe from us for a fee of € 15,- each.

There is a ball grill on the beach in the bathing hut which you can use at any time. Please clean it after use and put it back in its place. The next person will be happy.

The firmness of the beds in the double bedroom can be individually adjusted using an adjustment device on the slatted frames.

  • Hard setting: Push the control towards the edge of the bed.
  • Soft setting: slide the control towards the middle of the bed.

The local baker delivers freshly baked goods daily. However, special arrangements apply on Sundays and public holidays.
Here you will find pictures and names of the baked goods. If you would like fresh breakfast pastries, please place your order with us by 5 p.m. at the latest.

You can park your bike in the lockable bicycle shed behind the house. There you will find a repair stand and tools. If your bike is very dirty, you can hose it down with the garden hose. There is a cleaning brush in the bike shed by the charging station.
If necessary, we can provide you with an inner tube (27.5″ – 29″) for a fee. You can also rent a repair kit and a first aid kit for a safe ride.

Please only charge your batteries in the hut at the charging station to the left of the entrance.

There is a charging station for your electric car in the parking lot if it is equipped with a 220V plug. Just ask us about it. 1kWh € 0,80

In the Weissensee Nature Park, great importance is attached to the conservation of nature. A major aspect of this is the separation of waste by type. We ask you to help us and separate your waste.
Labeled bins are available in the apartment and in the bike shed.
Please separate your waste according to the following materials:
Plastics + metal, glass, paper, organic waste and residual waste

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

The 4 white guest bicycles are available to you free of charge in the lockable bicycle shed behind the house. They are labeled “Haus Sonnbichl”.
Please return the bike to its place at the end of your excursion.
If something is broken on the rented bike, please let us know so that we can fix it quickly.

Use the bikes at your own risk!

You can set the room temperature in each room individually. There are separate controls for this purpose.
The standard temperature is set to 22°C – except in the bathroom where it is set to 24°C. You can increase or decrease the temperature by up to 3°C or set it to continuous operation using the dial.
If you have any other questions, we will be happy to help you.

If possible, we also offer an intermediate cleaning service.
without bed linen change € 55,- with bed linen change € 65,-

You can wash and dry your laundry with us. Simply put your dirty laundry in the basket (you’ll find it in the cupboard right next to your bathroom) and place it next to the cellar door. Write your name or apartment number and the desired washing temperature on a piece of paper and place it on the dirty laundry. We will hang up the laundry for you in the drying room. As soon as the laundry is ready, we will let you know.
1 wash cycle costs 12 euros.

If you need your wet laundry again quickly, we can put it in the tumble dryer for you.
1 drying cycle costs 15,- Euro.

An iron and ironing board are available for you in the storage room. The storage room is located at the end of the corridor opposite the 3rd apartment (glass door).

You can change the towels, table and bed linen at any time if you wish.

When you leave the apartment, please use the main entrance and the driveway. However, your children are very welcome to play on the lawn and in the garden below.
To avoid any unpleasantness with our neighbors, we ask you not to enter the neighboring property beyond the existing fence. Playing on our meadows is of course permitted!

A deposit of 30% is due to secure the booking. The rest can be paid in cash or by bank transfer.

RB Grossglockner-Weissensee
IBAN: AT193956100008302093
Owner: DI Thurner Cornelia

One parking space is available for each apartment. Please park your car in the marked parking spaces.

Rowing boats, boat keys

The rowing boats, which can be used free of charge, are normally locked. If you would like to go boating, please contact us and we will show you the key. You can always use the boats if they are available. At the end of your boat trip, return the oars and the key to their place so that the other guests can also use them.
If you notice any damage to the boat or the oars, please let us know so that we can repair them quickly.

Please be quiet from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. so that the other guests can have a good rest.

The vacuum cleaner is located in the storage room at the end of the corridor opposite the 3rd apartment (glass door).

If you are expecting visitors, please let us know for security reasons.
On request, we can also provide you with bed linen and towels if your visitor is staying overnight.