Environmental philosophy

Arrival – Mobility
You can safely send your car on vacation with us. The nature park bus runs regularly around Lake Weissensee and if you arrive by train, you can take the free shuttle from the station to us. This is good for the environment and you’ll see: Without a car, it’s much more relaxed to get around Lake Weissensee. Our guest bikes are waiting for you in the bike shed behind the house. This keeps you fit and protects the environment.
The PremiumCARD allows you to use the mountain railroad, scheduled boats and the nature park bus free of charge in summer , as well as all ski lifts from 05.01. to 01.02.2025 in winter in addition to the cross-country ski trail, ice rink and nature park bus.

Avoiding waste and separation
We consistently separate our waste and take the residual waste to the recycling center every week. You are very welcome to help us with this: There are various waste bins in the apartments. There are fabric shopping bags in the apartment for your shopping.

We have been using green electricity for many years.

We have been heating our house with a water/water heat pump since 1985. This is fed by our own spring. It was replaced in 2006 and will be replaced again in fall 2024.
Since 2013, underfloor and wall heating has been installed in all rooms and all lighting has been converted to LED lamps.

Solar system
A solar heating system has been used to heat water since 1995. This was extended by 22m² in the fall of 2009. Our fresh water module was also installed at the same time. This guarantees bacteria-free hot water.

To make you feel really comfortable in the apartment, we replaced all the windows in the entire house in 2003.A year later, our house was fully insulated (including the attic and basement ceiling).When selecting the insulation material, we opted for an open-pored system.(rock wool and EPS-open).
Natural materials and environmentally friendly paints and varnishes are preferred in the living areas.
All sanitary facilities are equipped with water-saving fittings.

We use eco-friendly detergents and cleaning agents that have been awarded an eco-label.

Our garden
No chemical sprays or fertilizers are used in the garden or on the flowers themselves.We fertilize our balcony flowers with sheep’s wool, horn shavings and brown grain.In the garden itself we use cow dung and horn shavings.
The meadow in front of the house is always mowed by hand with a scythe for the first time in June. A breathtaking flower meadow (daisies, meadow sage, buck’s beard, etc…) and many insects thank us for this.

The bread and pastries you can order for breakfast come from the local baker.

You can get particularly fresh organic milk and delicious organic yoghurt from the organic farm “Jakober” nearby.